Industry 4.0

Development goals of hengfeng industry 4.0

We are not simply expanding production capacity, but building a wise production system with cloud based, scattered capabilities from strategic planning, sales management, manufacturing know-how and information management, to technology development.

Core Challenge

Capability of enterprise data & information technology 
Soft Power define the future of enterprises

Stages of development

STEP 1: Set-up cloud based manufacturing database for outdoor equipment industry that can enable quick export of engineering expertise and templates, so that manufacturing efficiency at different chains can be unified. 
STEP 2: Expand the cloud based manufacturing resource platform to suit multiple product lines, categories, and businesses.


Unlike the German concept of Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of the USA, Hengfeng’s direction is to utilize the local labor resources with unique Chinese characteristics, and unifiy them with robotics & automation, and information technology. A cloud based manufacturing platform, production flow and service is what we are focusing on to provide to consumers market.

  • Manual work and semi-mechanized Period.

    Decades ago we operate old-fashioned machines and can yield only limited unit output simply based on workers’ individual efficiency.

  • Simple automated production line period

    Automation technology & the concept of flexible production line were adopted in our factory to ensure the whole production process is equipped with modern machines and can adapt to various product type within a short period.

  • Intelligent and Cyber-Physical Period

    Speed up the process of replacing human work by robotics. Expand application of automatic production facilities and hanging lines. Integrate lean manufacturing and intelligent production.

  • Fully automated period

    The whole production chain adopts automatic equipment so as to improve efficiency.